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Removal of skin tags with apple cider vinegar


skin tagStop worrying about skin tags because here is the solution for those annoying tags. If anyone wants to get rid of skin tags without any discomfort, bleeding and scarring, read this article. We have identified the best and most affordable treatment option by which you can treat yourself at home very easily.  If you use this option which I am going to tell you by the end of this article, you will be free from the skin tags in just few weeks. Let’s take a short look on what is skin tag and what causing it.

Skin tags are harmless growths of the skin that can vary in number. They are usually as same color as your skin or little bit darker. These tiny pieces of tissue are composed from blood vessels and a type of protein fiber called collagen. According to studies the skin tags are usually small and pinhead sized bumps, they may become as large as grape. These types of skin tags are very common to have and almost everyone will develop a skin tag at some point in their life. Studies show that most probably it appears around the neck, upper chest, shoulder, armpits, eyelids and the groin. Skin tags are very common and generally occur after midlife. It is said that it can be caused by bunches of collagen and blood vessels which are trapped inside the skin. Apart from the causes, skin tags do not cause any symptoms.Did you know that this is very common condition in United States and they are totally depending on medications?  I just don’t get one thing that if we have natural cure, why we don’t go on that track. So, here I am revealing the magical ingredient which can cure skin tags is apple cider vinegar. Yes, apple cider vinegar and skin tags are very effective treatment. I know you are not aware about this ingredient and its benefits, do not worry because this article will let to know how much beneficial is apple cider vinegar and skin tags treatment.

How-to-Use-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-For-Skin-Tags Before I tell you how apple cider vinegar and skin tags treatment works let me tell you some facts about apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a very common ingredient in so many homes or in general stores. This is a very effective ingredient which has been used to treat so many problems and the best part of this ingredient is- it is very cheap.  Apple cider vinegar is commonly used in the kitchen for the prospective, dressing and marinades (in which fish, meat and other food is soaked before cooking). Apple cider vinegar and skin tags are very effective treatment and apart from this it can cure diabetes, high cholesterol and help you to lose weight. Apple cider vinegar has acid (a compound) which remove the skin tag without damaging the surrounding skin. Apple cider vinegar and skin tag treatment can work more effectively if you follow these tips

  1. Cleanse the skin around the tag using lukewarm water and mild soap.
  2. Dry your skin thoroughly
  3. Scratch the tag with the toothpick, but gently so as not to let to bleed.
  4. Soak a small piece of cotton in the apple cider vinegar and squeeze out the excess.
  5. Place a soaked cotton ball on your skin tag and hold it in that place with a bandage.
  6. Leave the bandage overnight
  7. Remove the cotton and bandage next morning and rinse that side with water.
  8. Repeat this method for about 3-4 days, until the skin tag darkens, dries and falls off.


So here are few facts and cure method which proves that apple cider vinegar and skin tags treatment is the best option. Now you do not need to run behind expensive medication and drugs to cure this condition just use apple cider vinegar and skin tags treatment and you are free from this condition.

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